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The world is more dangerous than ever, and U.S. military is trying to defend against an ever-changing enemy. David Martin reports on military preparedness for CBS’ “Where America Stands”


Britain has suffered its bloodiest day since the start of the conflict in Afghanistan with a further eight soldiers confirmed as dead and more wounded yesterday.


I would like to thank The UK for standing with America in this War on Terror.

Both of our Nations have felt the hand of senseless murder of civilians on our own streets.

The United States had to deal with Sept 11, 2001. the UK had to deal with July 7, 2005. bombings.

And here is a reminder of why we are fighting since the Media get stuck on lives lost and not the reasoning behind the fight.



Islamic terrorism strikes down commuters in Madrid.

Witnesses have told how an explosion tore the roof off a London double-decker bus, killing at least 13 people.

The aftermath of the blast was filmed by a passer-by on a mobile phone. Fergal Keane reports.

This report contains footage some people may find upsetting