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Operation Moshtarak aims to attack the insurgency both militarily and politically, but it also offers insurgents the opportunity to lay down their weapons and live a normal life. RCS2010, Afghanistan Produced by William Bonnett.


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The Obama administration is forging ahead with its civilian surge in Afghanistan but some experts say thousands more are needed while others fear the security situation is making the push ineffective.

Obama, due to unveil a revamped strategy on Tuesday that is expected to include some 30,000 to 35,000 more troops, stressed again last week the importance of sending civilians to accompany the military push in Afghanistan.

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In an unannounced move, President Obama is dispatching up to 15,000 additional U.S. troops to Afghanistan beyond the 21,000 he announced in March.
The additional troops are primarily support forces — such as engineers, medical personnel, intelligence experts and military police.
But in an interview with Fox News on Tuesday, a defense official refuted that the dispatch was “unannounced,” saying the decision to send 15,000 additional troops was part of a larger move to reach 68,000 troops in Afghanistan by year’s end — a move that Defense Secretary Robert Gates cleared with Obama in March, the official said.
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Britain’s top general in Afghanistan backed calls for more troops, insisting it would be impossible to deny al-Qaeda their terrorist safe havens by “simply patrolling from the skies”. In an exclusive interview with The Times, Lieutenant-General Jim Dutton, said yesterday that he supported a formal request made by his boss, General Stanley McChrystal, the US commander, for up to 40,000 new troops.
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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she sees little congressional support for boosting troop levels in Afghanistan,
putting the Democratic majority in Congress on a possible collision course with the Obama administration over the future conduct of the war there.
The remarks Thursday by Pelosi (D., Calif.) make her the highest-ranking Democrat to signal opposition
to the administration’s handling of the Afghan war, a top national-security priority.
The remarks also underscored the increasingly complex political dynamics confronting President Barack Obama as he considers whether to send additional U.S. forces to Afghanistan.

Marines are spreading out across Afghanistan’s southern Helmand Province in an effort to hunt down Taliban fighters.