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Far from being holed up in a remote mountain cave, he lived in comfort in a million-dollar three-storey villa with his close family around him in a semi-urban area. These disclosures indicate that the Pakistani military and its intelligence must have known who was living in the exceptionally large, heavily guarded villa in their midst and in plain sight and kept the knowledge from the Americans.

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The failed bombing in New York’s Times Square is a possible signal that militant leaders in Pakistan have shifted their focus to targets in the U.S. and other Western countries instead of sticking to their home base, according to U.S. counterterrorism officials.

U.S. investigators and intelligence agencies are trying to establish whether accused bomber Faisal Shahzad was trained or recruited for the Times Square operation by any Pakistan-based terrorist organization, including the Pakistani Taliban. Shahzad, a U.S. citizen of Pakistani descent, spent five months in Pakistan before returning to the United States in February and preparing his attack.

Police officials in Pakistan allegedly will soon deport five Americans as a result of their suspected terror links to al Qaeda. Bob Orr reports on the mounting evidence now unfolding in this case.


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A high-ranking Al Qaeda figure reportedly was killed Thursday in a U.S. drone aircraft attack in north Pakistan.

The attack, first reported by NBC News, was officially denied by Pakistani officials, though sources told Fox News that neither Usama bin Laden or Ayman al-Zawahiri were among those killed.

Pakistani media report six militants were killed in the attack, including four foreign fighters, a classification in the tribal areas that typically refers to Al Qaeda. blog it

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Former Pakistani President Gen. Pervez Musharraf believes his country should be given drone aircraft so it can take out top terror suspects without the help of the West, he told FOX News in an exclusive interview.
Musharraf said that Al Qaeda has been significantly diminished in Pakistan, but the Taliban is thriving. Yet he believes that the unmanned aircraft the U.S. uses to target key militants in Pakistan should be handed over to his country.
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The hunt for bin Laden is largely run by the ISI, the Pakistani intelligence
service, an organisation for whom many CIA officials harbour deep mistrust
because of its historical ties to the Pashtuns of Waziristan.

Here they would pour over intelligence collected from electronic intercepts,
aerial photographs taken by unmanned drones, and human intelligence
collected by Pashtun spies. CIA agents were rarely allowed to leave the
compound by the Pakistanis.

It is dangerous work. In 2005 the CIA recruited a local mullah to go into
Waziristan to report back on any Arabs in the area — a sign that bin Laden,
a Saudi, could be near by. Days later the mullah was found on a roadside,
beheaded, a message tucked into his shirt that this was the fate of spies.

Pakistani Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud – wanted for a series of suicide attacks and assassinations – has been killed in a U.S airstrike inside Pakistan, according to one of his aides.



Intelligence sources claim Pakistani Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud has been killed by a US missile strike..


To help take on the militants, the Pakistan army is for the first time to accept counterinsurgency training from British and American troops on its own soil.

The army is planning to open new fronts in Waziristan and Darra Adam Khel. Waziristan is the headquarters of the militant Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan, led by Baitullah Mehsud, who has been named as the mastermind behind the assassination of Zardari’s wife, the former prime minister, Benazir Bhutto.

Much of the region remains under curfew with the media banned from entering the conflict zones. The Sunday Times yesterday managed to reach the village of Goga and found it deserted with only 15 people remaining from a population of 4,000.

Villagers were angry at what they said was excessive use of force by the army, pointing to burnt-out lorries and cars. Carcasses of dead cattle lay on the ground and most homes had been looted.

Ziaul Abrar, a teacher who had stayed behind to guard his house, complained: “There were only 10-15 Taliban in the village but the whole place has been bombed. We were displaced, our houses destroyed, our crops destroyed and our cattle killed to target just a few militants. We want the elimination of the Taliban but this is no way to do it.”

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Police chief announces Lahore attack arrest

Pakistani paramilitary, police and elite units cleared the police academy at Lahore eight hours after al Qaeda-Taliban-linked terrorists in a brazen attack seized the building, taking 400-500 cadets hostage after killing at least 20 on morning parade. Some 90 wounded men were admitted to Lahore’s hospitals. Pakistani sources say three of the estimated 10-25 gunmen were captured and are being questioned and another four were killed or committed suicide.

Some of the attackers were disguised in police uniforms or civilian clothes and described as carrying backpacks with explosives and weapons.

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The Pakistani Terror Army Eclipsing Al Qaeda

The myriad streets of Pakistan’s towns and cities are breeding grounds for Islamic extremism – and one feared group threatens to eclipse al Qaeda.

Terror groups live in normal society in these streets, mingling in Mosques and Madrassas, the religious schools.

And the CIA is warning that one group, Lashkar e Taiba (LeT) – literally, the Army of the Pure – has grown so powerful, so pan-national, that its brand of violence is just an e-ticket away from the West.

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Threat Of Britons Trained By Al Qaeda’

Pakistan has monitored more than 20 Britons believed to have spent time with radical militant groups and then returned to the UK, Sky News has learned.

The tracked men are said to have trained with extremist outfits linked to al Qaeda and the Taliban and are thought to pose a potential threat to British security.

The dossier of names is expected to be handed over to British anti-terrorist teams soon and is being seen as a big leap forward in the sharing of intelligence between the two countries.

But British authorities may wonder why the names were not handed over before the suspects re-entered the UK.

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