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Far from being holed up in a remote mountain cave, he lived in comfort in a million-dollar three-storey villa with his close family around him in a semi-urban area. These disclosures indicate that the Pakistani military and its intelligence must have known who was living in the exceptionally large, heavily guarded villa in their midst and in plain sight and kept the knowledge from the Americans.

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Obama: Osama bin Laden Dead – Full Video

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The president made the stunning announcement within hours of informing congressional leaders. He said bin Laden was killed Sunday, the culmination of years of intelligence gathering. The news drew a large crowd to the front of the White House, as well as in Times Square, as people chanted “USA. USA.”

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NYC reacts to Osama bin Laden’s death

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Usama bin Laden demanded that European countries pull their troops out of Afganistan in a new audiotape Friday, warning of “retaliation” against them for their alliance with the United States in the war.
The Al Qaeda leader denounced NATO airstrikes in Afghanistan that have killed civilians and warned that European countries would be held accountable alongside the Americans unless they pull out.
“A wise person would not waste his sons and money for a gang of criminals in Washington … In summary, we are not asking too much or an invalid demand, but it would be be fair that you lift your opression and withdraw your troops,” bin Laden said, addressing the Europeans.

In the last 24 hours, by rare coincidence, two Islamic extremist leaders have shown public contempt for US president Barack Obama: Iran stands by its opposition to nuclear dialogue, the central plank of Obama’s foreign policy platform, and al Qaeda’s Osama bin Laden in an apparently new audio tape says Obama is “powerless” to end the Afghan war.

Sunday, Sept. 13, Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, using the presentation of the new UK ambassador Simon Gass’s credentials, threw out of court any discussion on the Iranian nuclear issue: “From the Iranian nation’s viewpoint, the nuclear case is closed,” said Ahmadinejad, two days after Washington accepted Tehran’s offer to start talks with the Six Powers on global issues excluding its nuclear program.

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Al Qaeda leader Usama bin Laden described President Barack Obama as “powerless” to stop the war in Afghanistan, and Americans’ inability to grasp why the Sept. 11 attacks occurred has “cost you a lot without any result whatsoever.”
The remarks by the terrorist leader were released two days after the eighth anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks that he ordered. Bin Laden typically addresses the American people in a message timed around the Sept. 11 anniversary.
Bin Laden, who is believed to be hiding in the mountainous region along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, said current White House officials are merely following the strategy of former President George W. Bush and former Vice President Dick Cheney to “promote the previous policies of fear to market the interest of big companies.”
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The hunt for bin Laden is largely run by the ISI, the Pakistani intelligence
service, an organisation for whom many CIA officials harbour deep mistrust
because of its historical ties to the Pashtuns of Waziristan.

Here they would pour over intelligence collected from electronic intercepts,
aerial photographs taken by unmanned drones, and human intelligence
collected by Pashtun spies. CIA agents were rarely allowed to leave the
compound by the Pakistanis.

It is dangerous work. In 2005 the CIA recruited a local mullah to go into
Waziristan to report back on any Arabs in the area — a sign that bin Laden,
a Saudi, could be near by. Days later the mullah was found on a roadside,
beheaded, a message tucked into his shirt that this was the fate of spies.

A second take from Osama bin Laden’s videotaped remarks aired Wednesday by Arabic Al Jazeera Wednesday was released Thursday, June 4, after Barack Obama said in Cairo University that it was time for a new beginning between the United States and the world’s Muslims.

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To help take on the militants, the Pakistan army is for the first time to accept counterinsurgency training from British and American troops on its own soil.

The army is planning to open new fronts in Waziristan and Darra Adam Khel. Waziristan is the headquarters of the militant Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan, led by Baitullah Mehsud, who has been named as the mastermind behind the assassination of Zardari’s wife, the former prime minister, Benazir Bhutto.

Much of the region remains under curfew with the media banned from entering the conflict zones. The Sunday Times yesterday managed to reach the village of Goga and found it deserted with only 15 people remaining from a population of 4,000.

Villagers were angry at what they said was excessive use of force by the army, pointing to burnt-out lorries and cars. Carcasses of dead cattle lay on the ground and most homes had been looted.

Ziaul Abrar, a teacher who had stayed behind to guard his house, complained: “There were only 10-15 Taliban in the village but the whole place has been bombed. We were displaced, our houses destroyed, our crops destroyed and our cattle killed to target just a few militants. We want the elimination of the Taliban but this is no way to do it.”

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