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Obama ‘Our Lord And Savior’, Jamie Foxx Says During Awards Show – What The Hell?


Creepy Obama Worship



I cant take it anymore. Its been eating at my gut. It makes me so sad and angry at the same time. Our brave men and women of the United States military being killed and it goes unreported nobody talks about it and most of the American people don’t even know it, People sit and watch and listen to the news and think they know all that is going on. They have no idea how many have been killed Those that have been killed in Afghanistan and Iraq gave their lives to protect our freedom and families. Since 1-20-2009 the day Obama took office the liberal news media has remained silent and have not reported on our brave men and women of the United States military are being killed in Afghanistan. Why is that? Our brave men and women are still being killed in Iraq a half year after Obama has taken office. Why is that? Obama had voted yes as a senator to fund the troops on a Iraq war funding bill that required President Bush to end the war in 6 months. The anti-war party controls the senate, congress and the white house and still no end to the Iraq war. Pelosi said she could not end the war when President Bush was President he would not let her. Well she has had anti war Obama for 6 months now and we still have brave men and women of our United States being killed in Iraq. Pelosi has called the CIA liars. Folks you tell me who is the liar? Pelosi or the CIA? Obama said we should not be in Iraq and he does not believe in the mission. How can he keep troops there in harms way? Where is Code Pink and all the so called war protesters? Fact: they were not war protesters at all. Just a bunch of liberals that wanted their liberal democrats elected. Where is the peace war folks from Hollywood? I know where they all are (Code Pink, liberal news media, Hollywood, and the Obama freaks with their anti-war and Obama bumper stickers). They are all kissing Obama’s ass. That’s where they are.