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Thousands of IDF reservists were called up as Operation Pillar of Defense began. They left their jobs and families for one purpose — to defend their homes.

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By: IsraelNationalTV interviews Lt. Col. Avital Leibovich, IDF’s Spokeswoman, who recalls the facts during the boarding of the Mavi Marmara boat.


In the following video an Unmanned Air Vehicle captures two Islamic Jihad terrorists exiting a structure, carrying rockets east of Gaza City. As the two reach their launch zone, a third terrorist joins them to prepare for the attack. Subsequently, IAF forces bomb the site leading Islamic Jihad’s missiles to misfire from secondary explosions.

The three terrorists hit were part of a terrorist cell that has been firing rockets into Israel for the past few weeks, including rockets that hit the city of Sderot during the holiday of Rosh HaShana (the Jewish New Year) a week ago. The names of the three terrorists are Mahmoud Mussah Rammadan Bana, Kamel Hamdan Ibrahim Dakhdukh and Mohamed Salem Barawi Marshoud. Approximately 50 rockets and mortar shells were launched at Israel during the last three months, totalling more than 250 since the end of Operation Cast Lead and more than 750 in 2009. Throughout 2008, over 3300 rockets and mortars were fired from the Gaza Strip at Israel.


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Israel holds the Lebanese government accountable for Friday’s rocket attacks on northern Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at the weekly cabinet meeting on Sunday.
Two rockets launched from Lebanon hit open areas in the Western Galilee on Friday. An Israel Defense Forces artillery unit shot back at the launch area, firing some 12 artillery shells. No casualties or damages were reported on either side.

“It is clear that, contrary to UN resolution 1701, that the rockets originated from a site south of the Litani River,” Netanyahu said, adding that he considered “Lebanon’s government responsible for every violation or act of aggression against Israel originating from its territory.”

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New footage shows an al-Jazeera reporter barely dodging a tear gas grenade fired by Israeli troops aiming to disperse an anti-fence demonstration in the West Bank Friday.
The al-Jazeera reporter shows great agility as she gets out of the grenade’s way, while exclaiming: “We’re under attack!
The IDF responded by noting that violent and illegal riots take place in West Bank villages weekly, requiring forces to use forces in order to disperse them.
“Rioters hurl stones, throw Molotov cocktails, and roll burning tires towards security forces,” the army said. “Past experience shows that journalists arrive at the area from the direction of the Palestinian villages, thereby knowingly bringing themselves into a risky situation.”
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Tunnel, dug inside building located about 1.5 kilometers from border fence, aimed at smuggling terrorists into Israel. IDF says strike a response to rocket fire; no injuries reported in Strip

Photo: AFP
Palestinian sources reported of the strike in the Sajaiyeh neighborhood, and did not report of injuries.

Operation Opera was carefully planned for a Sunday to minimise the loss of lives of any foreign workers and the late-afternoon attack was designed so as to provide the Israeli Combat Search and Rescue Team (CSAR) all night to search for any downed Israeli pilots.

An Israeli Air Force flight of 8 F-16As (aircraft 107, 113, 118, 129, from 117 Squadron and 239, 240, 243 and 249 from 110 Squadron) was outfitted, each with two unguided Mark-84 2000-pound delay-action bombs, and external fuel tanks. A squadron of 6 F-15As was also assigned to the operation to provide fighter support for the F-16As.

On 7 June 1981 at 15:55 local time (12:55 GMT) the plan was set in motion. The task force left Etzion Airbase, flying at 240 m unchallenged over Jordanian and Saudi airspace.


Video shot by IDF field security cameras along with voice recording show how the IDF foiled an attempt by Hamas terrorists to plant explosive devices along the security fence in central Gaza. The IDF identified the men as armed and confirmed their efforts to plant explosive devices before coordinating with the air force and neutralizing the threat. The video also shows the various guns and munitions that the terrorists were carrying on them at the time of their attack.

It is important to note that this event occured in the exact same place where two previously another explosive device was planted which caused the death of an IDF NCO.


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