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A tiny French village in the foothills of the Pyrenees is starting to ramp up security…in preparation for the end of the world.


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France called on Russia Thursday not to complete the sale of advanced air defense missiles to Iran.

France’s statement was made in view of a similar Israeli request made earlier, and probably repeated by Netanyahu during his Moscow visit. A spokesperson for the French Foreign Ministry told reporters that France is in regular contact with Russia and has expressed concern about the export of such a weapons system to Iran, which Paris believes would undermine stability in the Middle East.

Operation Opera was carefully planned for a Sunday to minimise the loss of lives of any foreign workers and the late-afternoon attack was designed so as to provide the Israeli Combat Search and Rescue Team (CSAR) all night to search for any downed Israeli pilots.

An Israeli Air Force flight of 8 F-16As (aircraft 107, 113, 118, 129, from 117 Squadron and 239, 240, 243 and 249 from 110 Squadron) was outfitted, each with two unguided Mark-84 2000-pound delay-action bombs, and external fuel tanks. A squadron of 6 F-15As was also assigned to the operation to provide fighter support for the F-16As.

On 7 June 1981 at 15:55 local time (12:55 GMT) the plan was set in motion. The task force left Etzion Airbase, flying at 240 m unchallenged over Jordanian and Saudi airspace.