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Muslim leaders have concluded the 8th two-yearly D-8 economic cooperation summit in Pakistan with a commitment to peace and democracy, as fighting continues to rage in Syria and a fragile ceasefire settles over Israel and the Gaza Strip following an 8-day escalation of hostilities.
The global summit established by former Turkish Prime Minister Necmettin Erbakan in 1997, brings together an economic bloc of 8 developing Muslim nations including Egypt, Iran and Pakistan, in a bid to strengthen trade relations and economic development.


Speaking at the conference, Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, condemned Israeli airstrikes on Gaza which he described as “expansionist policies and atrocities”, calling on Muslim nations to create a “new world order”bringing an end to capitalism and capitalists.


Iran recently admitted to providing its Gazan ally, Hamas, with technology to build long-distance missiles, at least one of which militants claim to have fired at Tel Aviv during the recent violence.


The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – General Command: backed by Syria and Iran.


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About 11,000 Syrian refugees flee Syria in 24 hours, making a total of 408,000 registered or assisted refugees in the region, the United Nations refugee agency said on Friday.


Ugarit statement forming a congregation protectors of the revolution

Al Miyadeen Deir Ez Zor Ugarit fields Deir al-Zour, Free Army launched an attack on the headquarters of one of the clear leaders artillery details

Ras Al Ain Al Hasakah Ugarit Ras Al-Hasaka, the battle to liberate military security c 8

Damascus Ugarit Damascus, heavy shelling the groves Kafar Souseh and Darya

Homs Ugarit Homs old heavy shelling on the besieged neighborhoods and clashes between the Army and free army Asadi

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Golani patrol vehicle sustains damage after being hit during routine operation. No injuries reported.

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The presidential campaign has featured plenty of talk about terrorism in the Middle East, but one lawmaker is warning that the federal government is ignoring a growing Hezbollah presence in Mexico, with the Lebanese terror group increasingly joining forces with drug cartels.

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The 2011–2012 Syrian uprising is an ongoing internal conflict in Syria, a part of the wider Arab Spring, that began in January 2011. Public demonstrations first took place on 26 January 2011, but were only a sporadic occurrence until mass protests erupted in Damascus on 15 March.[48] The situation quickly developed into a full-scale nationwide uprising, with protesters demanding the resignation of President Bashar al-Assad and the overthrow of the government. The situation in Syria is part of the Arab Spring, a wave of social upheaval throughout the Arab World demanding greater political freedom and an end to autocracy. Inspired by the successful revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt, Syrian protesters have employed the use of tactics such as marches, hunger strikes, rioting, and vandalism, in a sustained campaign of civil resistance aimed at ending nearly five decades of Ba’athist rule. The uprising was described as “unprecedented” by several political commentators

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