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Thousands of IDF reservists were called up as Operation Pillar of Defense began. They left their jobs and families for one purpose — to defend their homes.

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The Yarmouk Complex of military plants near Khartoum, whicht was bombed five minutes after midnight Wednesday, Oct.  24, by four fighter-bombers, recently went into manufacturing Iranian ballistic surface-to-surface Shehab missiles under license from Tehran, DEBKAfile’s military and intelligence sources disclose.

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On March 13, debkafile disclosed that the Obama administration was pondering withholding from Israel military hardware that could be used for an Israeli attack on Iran.  In late February, we reported that defense minister Ehud Barak had submitted to defense secretary Robert Gates a list of the items Israel required urgently to stand up to a four-front assault by Iran and its allies – mainly air force ordnance, certain types of missile and advanced electronic devices.

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Syria has defied Israel’s caution that handing over new strategic weapons to the Lebanese Hizballah would compel Israel to strike targets inside Syria. debkafile‘s military sources disclose that Damascus has just smuggled across the border a number of Russian-made IGLA-S surface-to-air missiles capable of intercepting low-flying F-16 warplanes, drones, helicopters, cruise missiles, transports and surveillance aircraft in all weather conditions, by day or night. blog it

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Egyptian military sources have put out information purporting to outline Israel’s preparations to strike Iran.
They report that the Israeli Navy together with the US Fifth Fleet have for some weeks been charting Persian Gulf waters and Iranian shorelines in preparation for attacks by Israeli naval and special operations forces.

IDF intelligence and special forces officers, they also say, have been marking out routes for their air and ground forces to drive into Iran and hit its nuclear installations. blog it

Israel vows powerful response to Gaza attacks



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Iran launches its huge Modafean-e (Defenders) Aseman-e-Velayat air defense exercise Sunday, Nov. 22, to protect its nuclear sites, after failing to persuade Russia to deliver the linchpin of its air defenses, S-300 missiles. For two weeks, high-ranking Iranian politicians and generals bombarded Moscow to make good on its contract to supply the key weapon, to no avail. Saturday, Nov. 21, Iran’s air force commander Brig. Gen. Ahmad Mighani spoke at length about the highly sophisticated S-300, without which, DEBKAfile‘s military sources say, Iran has no real defense against US and Israeli aerial or missile strikes against its nuclear installations.

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Iran’s defense minister warned Israel again on Monday against launching any attack on the Islamic Republic, shortly after Iran test fired missiles reportedly capable of hitting Israel.

“If this [Israeli attack] happens, which of course we do not foresee, its ultimate result would be that it expedites the Zionist regime’s last breath,” Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi said on state television.

In the following video an Unmanned Air Vehicle captures two Islamic Jihad terrorists exiting a structure, carrying rockets east of Gaza City. As the two reach their launch zone, a third terrorist joins them to prepare for the attack. Subsequently, IAF forces bomb the site leading Islamic Jihad’s missiles to misfire from secondary explosions.

The three terrorists hit were part of a terrorist cell that has been firing rockets into Israel for the past few weeks, including rockets that hit the city of Sderot during the holiday of Rosh HaShana (the Jewish New Year) a week ago. The names of the three terrorists are Mahmoud Mussah Rammadan Bana, Kamel Hamdan Ibrahim Dakhdukh and Mohamed Salem Barawi Marshoud. Approximately 50 rockets and mortar shells were launched at Israel during the last three months, totalling more than 250 since the end of Operation Cast Lead and more than 750 in 2009. Throughout 2008, over 3300 rockets and mortars were fired from the Gaza Strip at Israel.


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DEBKAfile‘s military sources report that dozens of low-flying Israeli Air Force warplanes coasted over the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip for two hours Monday, Sept. 21 in a show of strength unparalleled since 100 IAF jets practiced long-distance flights in June 2008 against Russian-made S-300 anti-missile systems based in Greece.

The show of air strength, over Gaza City and the southern towns of Deir el Balakh, Khan Younes and Rafah ,was timed for prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s departure for New York and defense minister Ehud Barak’s arrival in Washington for talks with defense secretary Robert Gates.