The view C.F.

I am a conservative Christian who you could say is very disappointed in what America chose to lead this fine nation.

I have no disrespectful words for the poor choice.

I have grown used to strong leadership and values over the last eight years.

I have watched the first week of executive orders coming down from the White House this confirms that values are out.

I have seen racism rekindled and show its ugly face in a reverse way.

I guess forgive and forget is out for now.

The teachers of hate and anger to to read from the bible for a change. Love your brother as you love yourself. Color should be irrelevant.

All I can say is we are all Americans and need to act like it.

For those who read this from outside the U.S. welcome.

President Bush made some hard choices that compromised world relations hopefully President Obama can be spared this burden.

And the United Nations can move to another continent as far as I am concerned.

The U.N. is a useless money pit.

Global warming is a scam.

That about sums it up.

New entry: Sept. 7, 2009

I am taking on more politics now.

The bad thing about politics is the high emotions that come with it usually in the comments.

Being Conservative I do try to be fair. With the steady diet of liberal bias soaking the news some people find it shocking that there really is a different point of view.

Sometimes the truth is all we need without the slant.

I have been updating video links. Youtube links don’t last forever.

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