My Ghost Story A&E bio Moving Giraffe full video Raw footage Real best evidence of paranormal

Posted: November 14, 2012 in paranormal Supernatural, Youtube
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What your looking at is a statue of a giraffe that moves on it’s own in the middle of the night filmed in night vision. This footage was used on the show ” My Ghost Story” on A&E bio channel, this is the full 2 min video. On the show they chopped it up. This video is 100% real some skeptic’s are saying fishing string was used or it’s being pulled on something , this is not true the giraffes weight is almost 30 lbs and could not be pulled or pushed that easy. Just watch it’s creepy how it moves, remember its on carpet, around the 1:55 sec mark is crazy when it almost falls over it’s like something holds it from falling. This truly is an amazing video, Just maybe one of the best paranormal things ever caught on tape. The actual video this was recorded on is over 4 hours long, the giraffe started to move around 3 hours in. If i could post the full 4 hr video i would.

Visit our web site at On the Video Page you Can View the Show we where on.


By: djchris39

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