Haiti begs for international assistance after its worst earthquake for 200 years.


Steve Harrigan recalls ‘shaky landing’ coming into airport; aerial view of Port-au-Prince looked like doll houses with their roofs torn off


The U.S. military has begun a massive relief effort for Haiti and up to 5,500 U.S. troops are expected within days. CBS News’ David Martin reports.


The CBS News Investigative Unit has acquired video of buildings collapsing in Port-au-Prince, Haiti during the country’s worst earthquake since 1770. The earthquake had a magnitude of 7.0 and dozens of aftershocks.


WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO. Tony Winton of The Associated Press describes what he sees after he landed in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, where thousands are feared dead following a massive earthquake that struck tuesday evening. (Jan. 13)


Crew from Coast Guard Air Station Clearwater, Fla. flew over Haiti to assess the damage. Tuesday’s 7.0 magnitude earthquake caused massive devastation throughout Port-au-Prince with some estimating the death toll to be in the tens of thousands. (Jan. 13)


The President says the U.S. is planning to send relief to Haiti after that nation’s devastating earthquake.


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