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US president Barack Obama has not yet decided whether his historic speech reaching out to the Muslim world will be delivered on June 4 from a lecture hall at Al Azhar University in Cairo or its main mosque, DEBKAfile’s Middle East sources report. If the second, his address will take place in the presence of Grand Mufti Ali Gomaa, the Sunni Muslim world’s greatest religious authority. In any event, Al Azhar is the most eminent school of Islamic learning in the world and the US president therefore expects its impact to far outweigh his first address to Muslims from Istanbul.

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The British Army’s SAS Regiment, which played a vital role in defeating al-Qaeda in Iraq, is now arriving in Afghanistan in one of the biggest deployments of UK special forces since the Second World War.

Two squadrons from 22 SAS are being sent to Afghanistan now that Britain’s combat role in Iraq has been wound up, to carry out clandestine operations against the Taleban.

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Pyongyang announced early Wednesday, May 27, that its withdrawal from the truce that ended the Korean War in 1953 means that “the Korean peninsulas will go back to a state of war.” Thousands of US troops are deployed in the buffer zone since the war ended.

US spy planes reported that the plutonium separation plant at Yongbyon had been reactivated.

North Korea repeated that Seoul’s decision to joint the US-led Proliferation Security Initiative was tantamount to a declaration of war. “Any hostile acts against our republic, including the stopping and searching of our peaceful vessels… will face an immediate and strong military strike in response,” the North Korean statement said from the North’s military representative at the border truce village of Panmunjom.

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So is it saber rattling again or will North Korea make a big mistake?
There have been years and years or threats made and bold moves of defiance directly against the United Sates to provoke war yet nothing more that talks have been the outcome.
What has changed? Why should we take these threats any more serious that the others in the past?

The difference now is the acquisition of atomic weapons WMD’s.
The election of a Liberal Democrat as President is a good sign to world tyrants their threats will be appeased rather than dealt with.
Western foreign policy of be my friend.
The suggestion that within the first six months of the presidents first term he will be tested.
Kim Jong Il is dying and there is a power struggle of which one of his sons will be the next tyrant to rule.

All the ingredients indicate something has changed and the threat may become a reality.
His sons have to prove they can rule. They have to win the respect of the military.
How far will they go to prove this?
They have canceled the 1953 truce.
They are actively testing atomic weapons and delivery systems.
Will North Korea make the same mistake Japan made in 1941?
Time will tell.

Two days after carrying out a nuclear test, North Korea says it is pulling out of the armistice that ended the Korean war. Kim Jong Il has threatened military action over the South’s involvment in a U.S. led plan to stop shipments of weapons technology. Skys Peter Sharp reports.


A military spokesman quoted by official media said the North could no longer guarantee the safety of shipping off its west coast – suggesting a missile could also be fired in that direction.

A South Korean newspaper reported US spy satellites have detected signs that North Korea has re-started its nuclear plant at Yongbyon.

The newspaper – quoting intelligence sources – said the satellites detected steam rising from the reprocessing facility at the nuclear plant.

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North Korea launched a tirade Wednesday against world powers threatening to punish it for conducting its second nuclear test, saying it is not afraid of sanctions and calling South Korea’s decision to join an operation to prevent the spread of weapons a declaration of war.

The North also has reportedly restarted its weapons-grade nuclear plant. It staged a rally in its capital, Pyongyang, on Tuesday to celebrate the test.

The isolated communist regime said through its official news agency that it would respond with military action if South Korea tries to stop or search any of its ships as part of the U.S.-led Proliferation Security Initiative.

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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will use his meeting with U.S. President Barack Obama on Monday to stress that “time is running out” for stopping Iran’s nuclear program, so Obama must not spend more than a few months on his planned dialogue with Tehran unless real progress is achieved.

If progress is not achieved within a few months, the United States must move quickly to more aggressive measures against Iran, Netanyahu will say.

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To help take on the militants, the Pakistan army is for the first time to accept counterinsurgency training from British and American troops on its own soil.

The army is planning to open new fronts in Waziristan and Darra Adam Khel. Waziristan is the headquarters of the militant Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan, led by Baitullah Mehsud, who has been named as the mastermind behind the assassination of Zardari’s wife, the former prime minister, Benazir Bhutto.

Much of the region remains under curfew with the media banned from entering the conflict zones. The Sunday Times yesterday managed to reach the village of Goga and found it deserted with only 15 people remaining from a population of 4,000.

Villagers were angry at what they said was excessive use of force by the army, pointing to burnt-out lorries and cars. Carcasses of dead cattle lay on the ground and most homes had been looted.

Ziaul Abrar, a teacher who had stayed behind to guard his house, complained: “There were only 10-15 Taliban in the village but the whole place has been bombed. We were displaced, our houses destroyed, our crops destroyed and our cattle killed to target just a few militants. We want the elimination of the Taliban but this is no way to do it.”

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